Webber Family Motors Can Help Explain Horsepower

The majority of people believe that the more horsepower in a vehicle the better it will perform. While there is certainly truth to that way of thinking, most of us have no idea what exactly horsepower is. Perhaps, this explanation will help.

As steam engine designer and inventor James Watt was trying to figure out a way to sell more steam engines, he knew he had to find a way to impress potential purchasers with their strength and power. At the time, most people understood just how powerful horses were and used them to perform work. In his quest to find an answer to this problem, he spent time observing ponies in a coal mine as they worked. He deduced that a single pony had the capacity to pull 33 pounds in one minute. This became the calculation he used to explain horsepower to his customers.

Our team at Webber Family Motors in Detroit Lakes, MN can help you understand more about horsepower and how it relates to today's vehicles. Stop in and learn more today!


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