What is the Advantage of Glass Headlights?

The perfect headlight uses a solid surface of the glass to protect the light bulb and reflector. The glass not only protects the inner workings of the headlight, but it also allows the light to stream freely through the solid surface and provide a maximum amount of candlelight power to reach the road ahead.

Glass headlights provide a rigid, unyielding surface that does not blur with age. Since the light from a bulb has no set direction, the glass satisfies two functions. First the light is forced through the central part of the glass to focus the beam, and secondly, the light hitting the edge of the molded glass is spun back to the reflector to join the central beam of light, thus intensifying the beam.

Bring your vehicle to our service center at Webber Family Motors to polish your glass headlights. Polishing the glass allows maximum light flow.




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