Have you ever felt your wheels slipping on the road? It's not a great feeling. But with the all-around popular Dodge Charger, a performance sedan, you'll be able to drive with more confidence whether you're going up a hill or slipping on a gravel-strewn road.

The Dodge Charger gives you greater traction with two elements. The All-Speed Traction Control reduces power and applies brake pressure when it senses your wheels slipping. This allows your wheels to regain traction on the road. Also, the Hill Start Assist will help your wheels keep traction on the road when you are going up a hill. It does this by maintaining brake pressure before you push down the accelerator.

Are you interested in learning more about all of the ways that the Dodge Charger can keep you safe? Then stop by our showroom at Webber Family Motors, and let one of our salespeople take you on a test drive.



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