Taking Care of Our Customers is Our #1 Priority

Aside from buying homes, the car buying process is one of the biggest decisions a family can make.

That’s a pretty heavy statement, but it’s the truth. Each day at Webber Family Motors, we see that very idea being lived out. Our customers share their stories and families with us. They trust us to do right by them in terms of both service and ongoing support. There’s nothing transactional about the car business. Trust us, we’ve been doing this for a long time. Our number one priority continues to be our customers and the community we serve.

The Webber Family Motors Difference

Everything about our business in Detroit Lakes is different – and we’ve worked hard in our business to prove that. We’re no stranger to the misconceptions or clichés car dealerships have. We value relationships over transactions. We believe people make the difference. And, we want our customers to feel good about buying from our family’s business.


It’s no secret that this industry has some unfortunate connotations associated with it. The image of distrust, scams, non-transparency, and general distaste is something the general public has connected to car buying and service for decades. Your dad and grandpa probably have jokes and innuendos about this business - the very industry that has my family’s name on it. I get it. I too, have heard it all before. But, I connect with zero of it. Zero. That just isn’t a reality for Webber Family Motors or any of our customers. Ever.

What’s in a Name?

The family that earns your trust keeps it. That seemingly simple tagline emerged a few years ago when we worked on rebranding in order to better serve our customers. Anyone can sell a car; our fleet of new and pre-loved vehicles aren’t different from other dealerships. Cars are a commodity. What’s different is our service. At Webber Family Motors, we want to be your dealership for life. We want to be part of your family just as you are a part of ours. For a close-knit community like the Lakes Area, it’s not uncommon to serve generations of the same family. To us, there’s no greater commitment or testimony to our dedication of service than that.

It’s no surprise that today’s consumer habits have changed the way companies across the globe do business. And unfortunately, it’s not uncommon to see small businesses across communities like ours close after decades of presence along Main Street and the downtown areas. That’s always hard to see happen no matter the industry. It breaks my heart as a small business owner and member of the Lakes Area community when that happens.

But it also reinforces my commitment to this area and the community: we are here serve to your needs and help you make the best decisions for your family.

Car buying is a big decision, and a very personal one at that.

We vow to be the very best at that no matter what our customers need. Always

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