The Ins and Outs of Buying a New Car: The Webber Family Motors Process

Buying a car takes no small amount of preparation and know-how. From choosing the right vehicle to negotiating a price, there’s a lot you might have to navigate.

Finding the right dealership to work with, however, can help minimize the hassle and maximize your experience. Today, we’re going to talk about some of the common steps you’ll encounter during the car buying experience and the kind of experience you’ll receive when you opt for the Webber Family Motors process.

Buying a New Car: What to Expect and How to Prepare When Working With a Dealership

No matter how you decide to buy a new car, one of the first things you’ll be doing is research. Not just the dealership and whether or not they are reputable, mind you, but the vehicle that will best suit your needs as well.

Once you’ve got your preferences and needs locked down, you’ll typically head to sites like Kelley Blue Book and Consumer Reports to help narrow down your options and determine which vehicles are the best performers.

With that information in hand, you’ll next be determining your options for paying for a new vehicle purchase. Many a dealer offer financing options for their vehicles, but you’ll also want to pre-approved for a loan to determine how much you can afford beforehand, and plan a trade-in of your old vehicle to help get the price of that new vehicle down even further.

Planning & Preparation

When it comes to planning that trade-in, Kelley Blue Book will again provide you with valuable information. They have value calculators that can help you determine the estimated worth of your current vehicle, which in turn will let you better assess what kind of future vehicle you might be able to afford.

If you’re working with a reputable dealership and a knowledgeable salesman, your next steps — looking at specific vehicles, performing test drives, getting answers to questions about a particular car model, and closing a deal — should be smooth sailing.

When you head a dealership, their salespeople should help you in navigating the inventory, locating the cars that best match your preferences, scheduling a test drive, and answering whatever additional queries you might have about their vehicles and what options/features are available with those vehicles.

When it comes time to ink the deal, a skilled salesperson will also help you understand all the terms thoroughly, and explain additional products (like an extended warranty) in a way that you can easily comprehend so that you can make an informed decision on whether or not you want to opt for them.

The Webber Family Motors Experience

Should you choose to work with Webber Family Motors for your next new car purchase, you can expect all of the sterling treatment we outlined above and then some. We believe the vehicle buying experience can and should be enjoyable for potential customers, and aim to assist all who grace our doors in every way possible.

From narrowing down the right vehicle options to navigating vehicle financing and beyond, we value an efficient, hassle-free approach that helps you get in and out the door satisfied, and behind the wheel of the right car for you.

That focus on customer satisfaction extends further, to all of our departments, so when it comes to other issues like vehicle maintenance and collision repairs, you can expect the same friendly and helpful service from us that you would when you’re buying a new vehicle. We welcome you to drop us a line, schedule an appointment, and learn more about what Webber Family Motors can do for you today.

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