What Webber Dealers Will Tell You That Most Dealers Won't

It’s no question that owning a vehicle is quite the investment. When buying a car, there are many costs to consider such as titles, local taxes, insurance, fees, and everything in between. Where most dealers keep these costs under wraps, Webber Dealers take pride in being honest and forward to help you combat any hidden fees that come with your vehicle. Here are the five things Webber Dealers will tell you, where most other dealers won't:

1. Title, Registration, and Taxes are Expensive

We recognize that those three things are expensive. We consider it our job to walk you through all additional costs until you are confident in what those costs are and if they fit in your budget.

2. The Insurance Cost for the Vehicle You’ve Chosen

After the initial car purchase price, insurance is the next most expensive element of vehicle ownership. Insurance considers an array of factors directed from the make and model of the car. The car’s engine, body, tires, and everything else plays a large role in determining the insurance costs for your vehicle.

3. Dealer Fees

Fees all depend on the state where you are purchasing and whether you are buying a new or used car. Many people are stuck with a vehicle testing fee, advertising fee, documentation fee, compliance fee, emissions testing fee, floor plan fee, and dealer preparation fee. Yes, those sound absurd, but luckily they are of the nickel-and-dime variety. Some of these fees are also negotiable.

4. The Predicted Vehicle Depreciation

Depreciation is the amount of value a vehicle loses each year following your purchase.

It is important to know the depreciation cost in the case that you sell the vehicle in the future. We can give you a prediction of what this will look like for the car you are interested in, stop in and we will help you out.

5. What the Maintenance and Repair Costs are for Your Vehicle

Buying the car is one thing. Discovering the drip cost of maintenance and repairs for as long as you own it, is another. How new and modern your car is, plays a large role in the maintenance and repair costs of your vehicle.

Here at Webber Family Motors, we are determined to add, subtract, and divide our way to your true car cost. For honest and forward information about the car you are interested in, schedule an appointment with us. From our family to yours, it would be an honor to work with you.