Car Care Tips for Winter Driving

Detroit Lakes, MN winter weather can take its toll on your vehicle. Be sure that your car is prepared for salted roads, icy-streets, freezing temperatures, and heavy snow with these winter car care tips from Webber Family Motors.

Taking care of your tires is vital for safe winter driving. If your vehicle's tread depth is too shallow, you won't have good traction. Inspect your tires tread depth and sidewalls for nicks and replace your tires promptly if there's damage. Have your tire pressure checked about once a month because. If your tire pressure is too low, it could cause excessive tire wear and tread separation.

Have your washer fluid and coolant checked. Windshield washer fluid is extremely important because it keeps winter grime off the window for a clear view. It's also important to keep coolant in your vehicle because it prevents the engine from freezing. Most mechanics recommend a 50/50-mix of water and coolant.

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