Your engine produces a lot of noise and harmful gases in order to move your vehicle around town. Your exhaust system, which includes the muffler, works to reduce both of these things. The team at Webber Family Motors is here to explain further.

A muffler is essentially a soundproofing device. It reduces engine noise by using acoustic sound muffling. The muffler is made up of a series of pipes with uniquely placed holes for producing waves that will cancel out the unwanted sound.

The exhaust system keeps you and your loved ones safe as you drive around in Detroit Lakes, MN. Depleted gases are collected in a combustion chamber, also known as the exhaust manifold. The catalytic converter takes the harmful gases and makes them into water vapor and carbon dioxide. Although still harmful, these things are a lot easier on the environment than the pre-converted gases. The tailpipe then directs the gases out of the vehicle and away from you.

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